Never stop improving your knowledge base

The benefits of self-service, for your customers, your team, and your company, are significant. But fully realizing those benefits will take some work and preparation. While it can feel overwhelming at times, focusing on the fundamentals will help simplify everything.

Start off with a solid foundation

Success begins with the right talent— knowledgeable, committed agents who provide quality support—and tools— technology that enables great self-service support for your customers. And with Answer Bot, it’s possible to enable more customers to self-serve, freeing agents to focus on more complex issues and building better customer relationships.

Create high-quality content

Self-service support requires great content that enables customers to solve their own issues. Use the Knowledge Capture App to empower your agents to consistently write and update knowledge base articles that do just that.

Become a knowledge-centered organization

Build a framework for the constant creation and improvement of your knowledge base. Use Team Publishing to collaborate on content and establish specific roles—authors, approvers, and publishers—to have responsibility for content, as well as use Content Cues to understand where you have knowledge gaps that can be improved.

Creating or editing an article with Team Publishing


We hope this guide will help you take your knowledge management practices to the next level, but it’s not meant to be the final word on the subject. Please visit Zendesk to learn how you can continue to adapt self service to meet the needs of your customers.