You're a knowledge management champion

Although that title doesn’t come with a fancy trophy or ring— though that would be nice—you take pride in driving your company’s efforts to give customers what they increasingly prefer: self-service.

Why do you do that? Because the benefits are clear: customers don’t want to wait, and providing them with great self-service content shows them that you value their time as much as they do. And since self-service lowers support costs, drives better customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, and improves agent efficiency, it’s just good business sense. Yet while your knowledge management efforts have begun to bear fruit, there’s a nagging sense that your organization could do better. Just how exactly will you take your knowledge management program to the next level?

Improving self-service experiences

If there’s a universal truth in knowledge management, it’s that building a successful program requires a long-term, cross organizational effort. Below, we’ll show you the path forward, from building a solid foundation to becoming a truly knowledge-centered company.

Build a solid foundation

Get agents involved in content creation

The Knowledge Capture App

Become a knowledge- centered organization